Health Benefits Of Nutura’s Deer Antler Velvet


A balanced natural food supplement that consists of approximately two thousand different nutrients. Dreamy right? Not anymore.

Deer Antler Velvet contains the most powerful growth factor IGF-1 that helps repair DNA, damaged organs and provides building components for the brain and other organs to function effectively.

You must think if this is ethical. Well, then we have to know something first.

All members of the deer family, consisting of elk, moose and reindeer, grow a new set of antlers every year and sheds them when their mating season ends. They can regenerate these body parts, which are unique to their kingdom. Therefore, this is such a perfect form of medicine for over 2000 years.

Generally, New Zealand’s deers’ growth is marvellous. The velveting part is done only by competent people to make sure it harms no animals. They take care of the hygienic conditions at the precise time to ensure maximum efficacy for the highest concentration of nutrients.

Here Are Some Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

  1. Boosts Brain Function:
  • It supplies the brain with antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  • The neurotrophin helps in inducing the survival, development and function of brain cells.
  • It supplies amino acids, minerals and other vital nutrients useful for the brain to function.
  1. Gives an immune blast: Deer Antler Velvet improves the way the immune system works. Reports have been found in speedy recovery from illness and more resistance to diseases.
  2. Contains Adaptogen: Besides deer antler velvet extract, it has adaptogen supplements as well namely citric acid, lecithin, potassium sorbate, natural lemon flavour, stevia extract, xylitol, which helps to balance your body metabolism by controlling the ideal body functions.
  3. Deer Antler Velvet helps in maintaining endocrine body functions. It restores Thyroid and other weight-essential organs.
  4. Takes care of the Heart: By taking care of cardiovascular function, it assures proper working of the heart.
  5. Great for Diabetics: While there is no definite cure for this disease, the Deer Antler Velvet can actually be helpful to stabilize blood sugar levels. The Deer Velvet contains insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) which creates an ideal insulin and growth hormone balance in one’s body.
  6. Good for fatty ones: A Deer Antler Velvet spray helps to burn fat more readily and enhances body metabolism.
  7. Stress reliever: A single spray of Deer antler velvet extract spray can boost mental and physical energy reducing fatigue and stress. People with sleep problems will be at a great win.
  8. More stamina: With the increasing pollution around us, it becomes imperative to have a food supplement that will improve your strength, energy and endurance. It will also help you give a sense of well-being.
  9. Provides mobility: People with joint problems often face stiffness, inflammation, aches and immobility. Deer Antler Velvet medicinal properties can not only cure such patients but also recover their body skeleton function and prevent pain as no other medicine can.
  10. Say hello to healthy and radiant skin: We advise Many people with skin troubles to take Deer Antler Velvet because it has Hyaluronic Acid that promotes more supple skin, fastens up the wound healing process and also maintains skin quality.
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Terpenes or Adaptogens are derived from non-toxic plants and have immense health benefits. The use of Adaptogens supplements has been increasing as people are looking for more alternative and natural ways to heal.

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