Rehydrating Marijuana: Just How To Bring Your Stagnant Weed Back To Life

Rehydrating Marijuana: How To Bring Your Stale Weed Back To Life


Among the saddest points to occur to anybody is to roll a joint just to discover that their stockpile has actually gone completely dry.

There are 2 major reasons that weed obtains completely dry: either it’s over-dried after harvest, or it hasn’t been saved appropriately. If you are lowering your weed to prepare to dry it, the stems will certainly quickly shed its tightness. The most effective method to inform if it’s dried out effectively is if you have the ability to break a stem in fifty percent however if the stem remains to flex, after that it calls for extra drying out time.

Nevertheless, if you’re staying in dry environments, you might require a humidifier.

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When it pertains to storage space, there are lots of typical blunders that novices frequently make, triggering their weed to wind up drying or ending up being weak. These are: cooling or cold, revealing it to excessive dampness, and also heats.

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However if you locate on your own with weed that’s dried, do not stress. We’re right here to aid prior to you choose to throw away that completely dry dashboard. Prior to we begin, keep in mind that you should not be smoking crumbly, completely dry pot– it’s exceptionally extreme on the throat and also will certainly additionally harm your lungs. As well as preference dreadful.

So why would certainly you rehydrate your weed? Well, in the majority of areas, it isn’t economical to get weed. Removing your stockpile since it’s completely dry basically implies you’re tossing cash away. No one desires to smoke weed that’s dried out, though the great information is that rehydrating your stockpile is easy, simple, and also isn’t labor-intensive so you can do it on your own.

Rehydrating Your Dry Stockpile

Because your weed is completely dry, you’ll require to subject it to some degree of dampness to effectively rehydrate it. Dried weed will likely no more have any type of type of taste or fragrance, which is why you’re smoking it to begin with.

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Bud ought to be subjected to dampness degrees in between 6-9%, and also if it’s above 65% this can create mold and mildew development. When it’s being dried out, dampness needs to be under 15% after that treating entails drying it to also reduce at around 9%. Rehydrating weed normally entails placing the pot along with one more damp item inside a secured container, which causes the development of a microclimate. This will certainly make it possible for water from the damp challenge move to the completely dry item till there is an also system of dampness.

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Nevertheless, bear in mind that for the very best outcomes, you ought to constantly make use of pure water. That’s since pure water has actually currently experienced the procedure of dissipation after that condensation, and also it’s gone through a filter. These guarantee that the pure water is entirely devoid of any type of chemicals and also pollutants that can impact the cannabis when you it for rehydration.

There are numerous techniques you can make use of:

Damp Paper Towel

Obtain a tidy paper towel and also gently wet it with pure water. Beware not to saturate it. Position it close to the cannabis in a thick plastic or Ziplock bag and also make certain to shut it firmly, enabling it to rest for a hr or more. Examine the weed to see if it’s currently had the ability to soak up dampness, and also inspect the towel too if it’s much less damp.

Fruit Peel

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The fruit peel approach of rehydrating cannabis is among the most basic and also most prominent. It merely entails positioning the stockpile inside a closed container with fruit peel, lime and also lemon being one of the most typical selections however you can additionally make use of apples, grapes, uplifting, grapefruit, banana, and also pear.

Making use of fruit peels will certainly not simply properly rehydrate your weed however it additionally has the advantage of instilling some tasty fruity tastes right into your stockpile. This is since the procedure entails moving several of the fruit’s crucial oils and also terpenes. Simply place the fruit peel in the container with the weed and also permit air in one or two times within 24-hour, afterwards, your stockpile needs to be great to go.

If you like the advantage of included tastes and also fragrances, you can additionally experiment by including natural herbs such as cilantro, mint, thyme, or various other natural herbs that are abundant in scent.

This procedure might require to be duplicated a couple of times relying on the dimension of your stockpile. This procedure should not be hurried, simply repeat it till the weed has actually gotten to the dampness degrees you’re looking for.

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slice of bread
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A fresh piece of bread has actually been proclaimed by lots of as the most effective tried-and-tested approach for rehydratingcannabis Simply dampen the piece and also location it in the very same container as your pot. Stay clear of allowing the bread entered into call with the cannabis since you do not wish to be smoking bread crumbs after it’s been rehydrated. The procedure entailing bread coincides as fruit peels however you might require to duplicate it around 5 times for the very best outcomes.


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Because lettuce is mainly composed of water, it’s a great selection for rehydrating weed. The procedure of utilizing lettuce resembles fruit peel; simply leave a lettuce cut in a closed container or Ziplock bag for around 12 hrs.

Moisture Loads

Your last resource can constantly be a non reusable moisture pack. There are many economical ones marketed online, however some are additionally made especially for protecting the suitable moisture in cannabis.


Rehydrating your weed is possibly not something you wish to be doing frequently. This is why avoidance is constantly crucial, and also you can avoid it by seeing to it you keep it effectively to begin with.

If you wish to guarantee you constantly smoke just the best cannabis available, you could wish to take into consideration buying a humidor or humidifier. There are lots of cannabis humidifiers available to match all spending plans.

Lastly, air limited and also concealed ought to constantly be your slogan when keeping your pot following time.

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